Care Provider Reviews

care provider reviews

Our experienced professionals work collaboratively with the care providers and the Child Welfare/ Adult Services departments and agencies. Our comprehensive review provides an overall assessment of key criteria such as safety, licensing and programming. But notably, our approach also places the child, youth or adult at the forefront. We are detail oriented and seek resident input on how they are being cared for.  In the case of vulnerable populations, we are particularly vigilant in observing how clients interact with their home environment and caregivers. We examine whether goals set for each client are clear and measurable. We speak with the providers about their assessment of the professional relationship with all partners.

We have conducted dozens of reviews across 5 provinces and 2 territories and our reviewers have extensive and direct experience working with children, youth and adults who require residential placements.

Our team is there to ensure the safety and well-being of your clients.  We have worked extensively with Aboriginal children, youth and adults who are placed so far away from home. We are here to support the clients, their families and the professionals entrusted to ensure their care.


Mark Arnold

Mark worked closely with communities and professionals in the Arctic to improve the outcomes for children, adults and families. He continues to work with Nunavut providing case management support for clients who are placed in residential care in Western Canada and Ontario.


Tim Ryan

Tim has worked as a Community Social Services Worker in the communities of Nunavut for over seven years.  He also has experience with non-profit agencies throughout Southern Canada. He is currently based in Edmonton.


Carla Devet

Carla Devet received her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from the University of Western Ontario in 2009 and her Masters in Social Work (MSW) degree of from University of Toronto in 2010 where she specialized in children and families and disability. Her practice experience is primarily focused on culturally informed and safe services for Inuit children, families and persons with disabilities.


Courtney MacDonald

Courtney MacDonald completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and History from Trent University in 2007.  She then completed her diploma in Child and Youth Work from Algonquin College in 2011.  Courtney started her career in Iqaluit, Nunavut working with families fleeing violence, advocating and promoting positive lifestyles for women in Nunavut, researching social issues, delivering youth programs and serving clients as a Community Social Service Worker, and now continues her work in Ottawa by providing individual support to children, youth and their families.