Care Coordination & Support

child welfare consulting servicesOur child welfare care coordination and support services focus on providing high quality support to children, youth and adults when they are placed in residential care away from their communities.

We offer tangible support on behalf of the assigned social workers as they are often hundreds if not thousands of miles away with limited access.   There are many regions and communities with limited resources to meet the needs and challenges of some and a placement in an urban setting is often necessary to be able to access those resources. We support social workers by maintain regular contact with their clients, participate in case planning, respond to urgent matters and work with clients as they both transition to a new setting as well as support them as they transition back home. We have recently developed a repatriation/ re-integration assessment tool to assist professionals, families and community so that a return home is successful.  We can escort clients with high needs/high risks on travel to and from their home communities.

Our ability to navigate the system so that clients are connected to schools, the health care system and other important supports has made a positive difference to dozens of clients. We have worked closely with the Government of Nunavut both with the Department of Family Services as well as the Department of Health. Our staff have extensive experience in the field and worked in these same remote communities so truly understand the challenges faced by the social workers.

As well we work closely with many residential care providers across the country and work tirelessly to ensure they are active partners in the overall care plan for the client. We ensure there is smooth communication and seamless planning. In many communities or regions there is a higher that average turnover of social work staff and continuity of case planning can be interrupted. However fortunately we can bridge that on behalf of all parties so there is no interruption for the client. We also will work with the care provider and on behalf of a client such as Nunavut will provide annual facility reviews. This regular contact both with the client, the care provider and the social worker will best ensure that the highest quality of care and planning is being offered and best practices achieved.

Historically as clients, and particularly children and youth are placed so far away from their families and home it has been a challenge to ensure they are not forgotten, that crises are not managed without care and that youth simply don’t drift from one placement to another without anyone really keeping an eye on them. We believe that we offer a unique partnership that ultimately improves the quality of life for the clients and improve the overall quality of work on behalf of the social worker.

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Our Care Coordination & Support Consultants


Tim Ryan

Tim Ryan received his BSc in Psychology from Dalhousie University in Halifax.  Tim has worked as a Community Social Services Worker in the communities of Nunavut for over seven years.  He also has experience with non-profit agencies throughout Southern Canada. He is currently based in Edmonton. Case Management Support ensures the highest quality in-person care and support for vulnerable people living away from home.


Carla Devet

Carla Devet received her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from the University of Western Ontario and her Masters in Social Work (MSW) from University of Toronto. Her practice experience is focused on culturally informed and safe services for Inuit children, families and persons with disabilities. Carla is currently supporting case managers in providing case planning for children and youth whom are outside their geographical jurisdiction.


Tara Arnatsiaq-Barnes

Tara Arnatsiaq-Barnes is an Inuit Social Worker, with a diploma in Addictions Counselling in Social Work. Tara has a variety of experience in working with urban Inuit in Ottawa in such roles as: Housing Support, Child and Youth Mental Health Worker. Recently, Tara has been working in her mother’s hometown of Igloolik, Nunavut and act as a Community Social Service Worker and Child Protection Worker.


Courtney MacDonald

Courtney MacDonald completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and History from Trent University in 2007.  She then completed her diploma in Child and Youth Work from Algonquin College in 2011.  Courtney started her career in Iqaluit, Nunavut working with families fleeing violence, advocating and promoting positive lifestyles for women in Nunavut, researching social issues, delivering youth programs and serving clients as a Community Social Service Worker, and now continues her work in Ottawa by providing individual support to children, youth and their families.