Highly Experienced Consultants

Mark Arnold Head ShotMark Arnold

Mark Arnold is Principal Owner and Senior Consultant with J Mark Consultants. Mark has an Honours Economics degree from Laurier University and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Toronto. Mark began his career in Child Welfare as a front line worker both in Toronto and Ottawa. Mark was also a Supervisor in Ottawa.  Mark went into the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) sector as a Senior Account Manager and Regional Director consulting with over 100 companies and organizations on strategic planning related to wellness and mental health.

In 2012, Mark was asked to assume responsibility for Child Welfare, Public Guardianship and Adoptions for the Territory of Nunavut. As both Acting Director and Director of Client Services, Mark worked closely with communities and professionals in the Arctic to improve the outcomes for children, adults and families. He continues to work with Nunavut providing case management support for clients who are placed in residential care in Western Canada and Ontario. Mark and his team meet regularly with Residential facilities to conduct reviews of their operations.

Since February 2015 Mark and Peter Dudding have worked with the Northwest Territories and the Child and Family Services division as Executive co-leads for the Building Stronger Families transformation plan. This will completely transform how child welfare and adult services are delivered across the territory.  View LinkedIn

Peter Dudding Head ShotPeter Dudding

Peter is a well recognized leader in child welfare and children’s rights who has worked across Canada and internationally for over 40 years. Currently he is working on the implementation of the social services transformation action plan in the Northwest Territories and a project to
improve child maltreatment data collection and collaboration across Northern Canada.

His extensive experience includes senior management leadership with governments and community based organizations across many dimensions of human services including organizational and human resource development, quality of services and case management,information management, research and public engagement. Peter believes that modern human services must include evidence based prevention and intervention programs that provide choice and opportunity for people.

Peter has lead major reviews of provincial and territorial social service systems and has developed several national and international projects in areas such as child maltreatment, foster care and youth development. His experience includes chairing several national and international
organizations dedicated to children’s rights, family development and child welfare research during the past 20 years. He has worked in Canada’s far north, urban and rural Canada as well South Asia and Africa with a wide variety of people including multi-cultural and Indigenous

Peter is a tireless advocate for the rights of children and youth and passionately promotes the equity of opportunity in society to ensure that rights of excluded and vulnerable people are respected and upheld. Throughout his career he has championed legislation, policy and
services that ensures social justice.

He is the proud recipient of two Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee medals (2002 and 2012) for recognition of his service to children, youth and families.
Peter holds a Master of Social Work degree (1975) and Masters of Management (2002).

 adam larger imgAdam Filleul

Adam is clinician and project manager with skill in three complimentary areas: social work, social policy, and data.

Adam has a Master of Social Work (MSW) from McGill University, a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Queen’s University, and a Post-Baccalaureate in Management Information Systems (PBC MIS) from the University California at Berkeley.

Adam has 15 years experience in the health and social services sector.

Adam has clinical experience as a child protection worker (intake, ongoing, child-in-care), family therapist, and contract agent for the Office of the Children’s Lawyer. Adam’s policy experience includes updating of the Nunavut child welfare services forms and development of the Nunavut Child Family Services integrated child and adult services eligibility spectrum. Adam has quality assurance and data development experience in the are of child and adult residential care cost management.

Adam is currently the project manager of the Pan-Northern Data Project, which is a joint initiative between Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT). The project is seeking to collaboratively enhance the information system capacity of each territory simultaneously through the development of a minimum data set which can be utilized to measure indicators of service quality, outcomes for Aboriginal children in care, as well as reported abuse, neglect, and family violence as a determinate of health.

Adam has an acute understanding the needs of clinicians and the capacity of information systems. Adam has the ability communicate effectively in both clinical and IT environments.

william larger imageWilliam Walters

A consultant, community psychologist and avid adventurer, Dr. William (Bill) Walters has more than 15 years of proven experience in community-based program development, facilitation and evaluation on a local, national and international level.

Bill has a particular passion and talent for community engagement, consultation and strengthening relationships among beneficiaries, community leaders, professional stakeholders and governmental officials.

A solid team player and a highly motivated, independent professional, Bill brings effective interpersonal and communications skills to all aspects of his work. He is comfortable within both professional and community context and can rapidly assess and modify practices to suit changing dynamics.

Tim Ryan 300xTim Ryan

Tim Ryan received his BSc in Psychology from Dalhousie University in Halifax.  Tim has worked as a Community Social Services Worker in the communities of Nunavut for over seven years.  He also has experience with non-profit agencies throughout Southern Canada. He is currently based in Edmonton.

Case Management Support ensures the highest quality in-person care and support for vulnerable people living away from home.

Carla1 300x Carla Devet

Carla Devet received her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from the University of Western Ontario in 2009 and her Masters in Social Work (MSW) degree of from University of Toronto in 2010 where she specialized in children and families and disability.

Her practice experience is primarily focused on culturally informed and safe services for Inuit children, families and persons with disabilities. Carla is currently supporting case managers in providing quality service and case planning for children and youth whom are outside their geographical jurisdiction.

Kelly MiigwechKelly Brownbill

Kelly has been designing and delivering cultural competency training for almost 20 years.  Combining an authentic traditional component, she is best known for providing the necessary context through which service providers can process indigenous issues while honouring their work and providing a shame- and blame-free experience.  She has worked with health care providers, child welfare agencies, youth justice workers and government ministries as well as indigenous organizations and communities.

Tara Arnatsiaq-Barnes

Tara Arnatsiaq-Barnes is an Inuit Social Worker, with a diploma in Addictions Counselling in Social Work. Tara has a variety of experience in working with urban Inuit in Ottawa in such roles as: Housing Support, Child and Youth Mental Health Worker. Recently, Tara has been privileged to use her skills as a Social Worker to work in her mother’s hometown of Igloolik, Nunavut and act as a Community Social Service Worker and Child Protection Worker. Tara takes great pride in working with her people and ensuring that Inuit have access to services and that they receive quality care where their unique culture is being incorporated.

Courtney MacDonald

Courtney MacDonald completed her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and History from Trent University in 2007.  She then completed her diploma in Child and Youth Work from Algonquin College in 2011.  Courtney started her career in Iqaluit, Nunavut working with families fleeing violence, advocating and promoting positive lifestyles for women in Nunavut, researching social issues, delivering youth programs and serving clients as a Community Social Service Worker.  Courtney continued to work with Inuit when she relocated to Ottawa by providing individual supports to children, youth at their families.