Supporting Child Welfare Services

Our Mission

To ensure that all children, youth, and families receive the highest quality protection and support so they can achieve their optimal development through fundamental human rights and values supported by the best available knowledge and practices.

Our Services

Project Management Services

Child Welfare Project Management Services are focused on organizational development, program administration, human resource development, leadership support, risk assessment, planning and evaluation, legislation and policy, and information systems.

Our extensive experience includes: creating and implementing action plans to respond to program audits, developing new programs, writing new legislation, developing policy manuals, implementing staff training programs and human resource recruitment and retention, workload measurement, developing client information systems and leading change management projects.

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case management

Case Management Support Services

Our child welfare case management support services focuses on providing high quality support to children, youth and adults when they are placed in residential care away from their communities.

We offer tangible support on behalf of the assigned social workers as they are often hundreds if not thousands of miles away with limited access.   There are many regions and communities with limited resources to meet the needs and challenges of some and a placement in an urban setting is often necessary to be able to access those resources. We support social workers by maintain regular contact with their clients, participate in case planning, respond to urgent matters and work with clients as they both transition to a new setting as well as support them as they transition back home. We have recently developed a repatriation/ re-integration assessment tool to assist professionals, families and community so that a return home is successful.

Our Method

It is recognized that child welfare systems face many challenges of resources, capacity, information, implementation and expectations. An effective and modern child welfare system must provide evidence informed programs and services that are accountable, evaluated and have clear outcome measures.

The team works closely with the child welfare staff, children, youth and families, communities and leaders to identify the issues, challenges and approaches that will promote the most appropriate outcomes. This solution focused approach works to actively engage people in identifying and developing realistic and meaningful approaches.

We are well experienced in dealing with difficult and demanding circumstances that require skill, leadership, sensitivity and clarity to respond in an effective and timely manner. We have been involved in many situations where our expertise in risk assessment and action planning have resulted in substantially improved programs and cost savings.

An effective child welfare system is based upon well trained staff, good planning, and access to services and supports that are designed to be responsive to the needs of the persons they serve, to produce good outcomes. This requires both good management to do things right, and good leadership to do the right things.